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The Top Casino Slots Online Guide for June 2018

Welcome to Ever since the start of the internet we’ve seen things grow and take on lives on their own; Internet Shopping, Internet Dating, Streaming your favourite TV series, the list goes on. It was only natural that gambling would see a way to shift itself from offline to online. And so it did, and boy did it do it in a way we would never imagine. It’s a bit like getting your first mobile phone – think back. Recall how you thought to yourself when you were using the phone for the first time, that you couldn’t fathom how they could come up with anything better, anymore advanced? Yet, year on year, you were surprised as much as we were when mobile phone technology just kept getting better?

The Rise of Online Slot Popularity

It's the very same thing with gambling sites, but let’s have a focus with online casino and slots right now. Online slots have been played for many years now, and people still enjoy them in real life casinos too. But, for those times when you aren’t in a casino, then we have the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech to thank for that. Slots are easily played on line these days, and they’re a bit like the mobile phone story – they just keep getting better and surprising us, time and time again.

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Microgaming were one of the first to make branded slots, with their Lord of the Rings Slot, Playtech were soon regarded as having some of the best progressive jackpots online, then came Netentertainment, and the whole ball game changed. Netent slots are now seen as slot pioneers, they’ve made some of the best online slots to date, have produced the slot which has paid out record breaking fortunes and have been entered in the Guinness Book of records. Yes, we are talking of Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot which is now rivalling both Microgamings Mega Moolah and Playtechs Beach Life Jackpot Slot. Netent made online slots what they are today and we have to say, we look forward to a new Netent slot release every month!

Our Aim of Top

Whether you are new to online casino, having never played an online slot in your life, or you have played both in the land based casino or online, it’s always good to keep your games varied and try something new. Keep up with the times, as slots 6 years ago look completely different to what they do today. Of course it all comes down to you own preference, and some people prefer more traditional old school slots, but let us bring to your attention, some new and quite frankly awesome slots. We have created this website to review to tell you about only the best online slots, the top slots if you wish, that you should not only know about, but you should try too.